Miss Piggy to receive prestigious feminist award. For reals.

The Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center First Awards are coming up soon, and they’ve just announced who will receive one of the prestigious awards. The museum started the program to honor women who have made major contributions to their fields, with past honorees including Toni Morrison, Connie Chung, Julie Taymor and Sandra Day O’Connor.

According to AP, this year’s recipient may come as a surprise, because it’s Miss Piggy. Yep! The oft-brash and frog-loving Muppet will be joining the ranks of award-winners for her contributions to feminism.

Elizabeth Sackler, the namesake of the Sackler Center for Feminist Art and the awards, said the decision to give Miss Piggy the award was based on her “spirit, determination and grit,” and the fact that she “has taught millions important lessons about overcoming obstacles.”

The award will be presented to Miss Piggy in person on June 4 by Gloria Steinem. Miss Piggy’s statement on the subject was short and to the point: “Moi is thrilled.”

OK, if this all seems a little odd, you aren’t alone. As the AV Club points out, giving a major feminist award to a Muppet does seem to be making a joke of feminism itself. Does Miss Piggy really deserve the same award that’s been given to Toni Morrison? Or Sandra Day O’Connor? Sure, there’s no denying that Miss Piggy has spirit and determination, but at a time when feminism is still attacked by those who don’t take it seriously as a force for change, is honoring a puppet the best way to undercut their arguments?

Of course, we love Miss Piggy and we’re thrilled for her on this most auspicious occasion. But we’re all scratching our heads just a bit about the decision.

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