Miss Piggy just covered Adele and it’s amazing

It seems like everyone has Adele fever, including puppets. During a commercial break in the middle of last night’s American Music Awards, we got a 45-second glimpse of what the amazing “Hello” music video would have been like had it starred the world’s most tumultuous lovers, Kermit and Miss Piggy. It’s just as great as the original, but for a whole different reason.

While Adele’s version of the song is powerful and heartbreaking, The Muppets version is unsurprisingly hilarious, with Miss Piggy getting hit in the face with leaves and Kermit throwing a keyboard. The Muppets edition also has a little more context, since we know exactly what went down with Miss Piggy and Kermit and why this song means so much to them.

We saw their break-up and the ups and downs that have ensued since. Could this song mean there’s hope for the future of these lovebirds? We’ll have to tune in to The Muppets every Tuesday on ABC to find out, but for now, you can watch the video below!

(Image via ABC)

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