This is the first year the Golden Globes are using gender-neutral titles for their ambassadors—and here’s why that’s so important

Hosts, nominees, and presenters top the list of the most well-known stars attending the Golden Globes every year. But a lesser-known title that the awards show wouldn’t be complete without is the Golden Globe Ambassador, previously known as Miss or Mr. Golden Globes.

Debuting in 1962, the role of the Golden Globe Ambassador is given to a child of an actor, actress, director, or someone well-respected in the entertainment industry.

The chosen Golden Globe Ambassador assists in presenting trophies to winners throughout the ceremony, a surely thrilling moment for the selected young adult. In 2017, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its decision to change the title of the role from Mr. and Miss to Ambassador in order to be more inclusive and better encompass the role.

The now-gender-neutral title comes with more responsibilities for the ambassador on top of presenting those glittering gold trophies during the ceremony—the titleholder will now take on more philanthropic duties with the role beyond the big night.


This year, Paris and Dylan Brosnan, the sons of Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, are taking on the role of the Golden Globe Ambassadors, marking the first year that a pair of brothers holds the title.

The Brosnan brothers chose to focus their philanthropic efforts on issues of childhood hunger and education. They are partnering with the organization FEED to deliver nutritious meals to schoolchildren.

Previous Miss Golden Globes include Dakota Johnson, Laura Dern, Melanie Griffith, Linda Evans, and Sistine, Scarlet and Sophia Stallone. The Mr. Golden Globes title was only held by three men throughout the years—Freddie Prinze Jr., AJ Lamas, and Dominik García-Lorido. We can’t wait to see the Brosnan brothers present those coveted gold statues on stage, and more importantly, watch them carry out their philanthropic work beyond tonight.

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