“Miss Congeniality” taught us that on April 25th all you need is a light jacket — here are 8 cute ones to shop

While some people cling to the age-old spring mantra: April showers bring May flowers, many of the rest of us cling to the spring wisdom that Miss Congeniality taught us. For those temporarily suffering from cultural amnesia, the iconic Miss Congeniality moment we’re referring to is when Miss Rhode Island described her perfect date as April 25th, “Because it’s not too cold and not too hot, all you need is a light jacket.”

While the fictional beauty pageant host may have given Miss Rhode Island side-eye for mistaking his romance-fueled question as an inquiry about the weather, the rest of us have clung to her weather wisdom.

In celebration of today’s status as the perfect date, we have gathered eight different light jackets you’ll need to weather the beauty.

But first, let’s remember the charming woman who started it all.


1Silence & Noise Iridescent Packable Windbreaker Jacket from Urban Outfitters, $70

2Goodbye Denim Jacket from Valfré, $98

3Lyocell Jacket from H&M, $49.99


4Satin Bomber Jacket from H&M, $34.99

5The Ultimate Bomber Jacker in Jersey from ASOS, $31

6New Look Leather Biker Jacket from ASOS, $53

7Repurposed Tennis Windbreaker from Forever 21, $48

8Sheer Mesh Hooded Jacket from Forever 21, $22.90


Now you can find the perfect jacket for the perfect date.

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