Today’s the iconic “Miss Congeniality” date, but Twitter is NOT having it with this supposed “light jacket” weather

It’s been seventeen years since Miss Congeniality came out, and now climate change is ruining a nearly two-decade old joke. Back when the movie first came out, and in a decent amount of time after, April 25th was most likely one of the first days of spring that was not too hot, not too cold, and only called for a light jacket. Unfortunately, global warming keeps happening, and so the seasons are more out of whack now than ever.

With the weather getting warmer incrementally earlier every year, by the time we get to April 25th, it’s basically all-out summer in some places and you might want to forgo the jacket altogether. Shoutout to Buzzfeed for noticing this Twitter phenomenon. false false false

Unfortunately, the other fun thing about the climate changing is that it’s so freakin’ unpredictable. If you live on the East Coast, you’re used to unpredictable weather — or that somewhat unfunny joke about if you don’t like the weather, you can just wait a couple hours for the next season, hardy har har — but even still, things have changed since Miss Rhode Island’s day.

In sunny Los Angeles, it’s raining one day and over 80 degrees the next. false

And the internet is not being kind about this lie that has been told to us from the past. LIGHT jacket!? false false

So while we will never find Miss Rhode Island’s perfect date answer not funny, and we’re allllll about the meme-y goodness making the rounds on social media, this timeless joke also reminds us of one of the biggest issues facing our generation: the planet is changing quickly, and not for the better. So we should probably do something about that, right?