Is the mismatched shoe trend FTW or WTF?

As a kid, you may have donned two different sneakers at the same time after a rushed morning, or for opposite day. But youth isn’t always wasted on the young. The mismatched shoe trend is gaining popularity lately, as seen on celebs, fashion bloggers, and style-forward people around the globe. Usually, the shoes are of the same design, with the color or a few details being swapped rather than actual shape or style.

It’s the perfect trend for the indecisive, honestly. Love both colors that can be bought in the same style? Now you don’t have to choose just one. The limit does not exist.

The fashion folk took notice when Nicole Kidman wore mismatched shoes to the Emmys this year. They were incredibly similar, but one side had jewels on the ankle strap while the other had jewels on the toe strap. It was definitely a fun change-up from the other shoes to walk the red carpet that night.

But the red carpet isn’t the only place where this trend is cropping up. See, for example, this shot from Zara’s website:

Same shoe, different colors.


The trend was also seen this year at movie premieres, fashion runways, and on the streets of Tribeca.

Black and cream fur boots.


Brother Vellies’ Creative Director Aurora James was spotted at the November rally wearing these fun boots.

Black and white heels.


Daniella Garcia-Lorido wore opposite colored heels to the premiere of Disney Pixar’s Coco in November.

Primary colored, kind-of-see-through boots.


This model walked the runway during the Yohei Ohno show in October wearing condiment-inspired shades.

Black and white strappy sandals.


Aimee Song sported these gorgeous two-toned sandals during Paris Fashion Week in July.

Fendi slippers with fun icons.


In June, Usher was photographed out and about in Tribeca wearing these fun Fendi slippers.

White and red sneaker heels.


Katy Perry was ahead of the trend at the Super Bowl XLVI Pregame Show back in 2012.

Red and green heels.


Helena Bonham Carter, a true trendsetter, rocked these mismatched shoes at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2011.

If you’re interested in figuring out how to wear mismatched shoes like the brave souls above, we’ve rounded up a few options for you.

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Sam Edelman Tabby Embellished Pumps.


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Wink Eye House Slippers.


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Question is: Would you wear mismatched shoes?

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