Hallelujah: a mirror that helps you figure out your bra size

Stop the presses! Everybody, listen up: bra-related dreams really do come true!

In a fairy tale fashion, Hong Kong-based lingerie store Rigby & Peller has its customers saying, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall… what’s my bra size?” (If only the Evil Queen utilized her mirror’s full potential!)

Inside their dressing rooms, the shop has high-tech mirrors that measure their customer’s bra size. This brilliant invention takes 140 measurements of a person’s body when they do a 360-degree turn. Afterward, the magical mirror creates a ShapeID that will allow users determine their exact size. Rigby & Peller even claims that this process is more accurate than measurements done by hand.

“The technology itself is actually looking at so many points – 140 points of her body – and this information, actually, is precisely telling what is your size, so that allows you to better understand,” explained Lui Tong, Private Shop Limited’s general manager. “With this information, which we call a SizeID, a ShapeID, you will be able to determine this is your size. And we will be able to also say, ‘You are this size with this brand.’” (Since we all know that different brands can mean different sizes, this is basically a miracle.)

So far, it seems that shoppers are l-o-v-i-n-g it! “I think it fits better because, from my particular experience, I can never be sure,” admitted Alicia Ma. (Same, Alicia. SAME.)

Now, we’d like you to close your eyes and imagine a world where all bras fit. There would be no more awkward tugging, strap-pulling, and adjustments made when no one is looking. Every bra would have a home and every home would have a bra (or not, if you’re not into bras, that A-OK). Most importantly, you’d never have to have a complete stranger measure your boobs EVER AGAIN. *throws flower petals in the air*

If there’s any way to get these mirrors in a store near us, we’ll do whatever it takes to make this bra utopia a worldwide reality.

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