Miranda Lambert has only the classiest things to say about the whole Blake Shelton thing

This July, after four years of marriage, the celeb couple we all know and love announced the end of their days together. The split of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton totally broke our hearts. Although they’ve been keeping it rather hush-hush, Miranda is now opening up about her divorce for the first time in her cover story for Cosmopolitan.

Though the interview hasn’t hit newsstands yet, Entertainment Tonight recently reported on the 32-year-old country singer’s interview with Cosmo, in which she divulged her feelings about the divorce. Something that surprises absolutely no one: Miranda is being classy as ever about the whole thing. She’s not talking badly about Blake, and instead says that she now has her bar set very high for dating in the future.

“I had a great relationship with an amazing man,” Miranda told Cosmo, “so I know what good is. I have a great launching pad for the future. I will never take that for granted.”

Although her ex-husband has been dating Gwen Stefani, Miranda isn’t ready to date yet, and that’s totally OK. She just wants to live life to the fullest, she explained. “Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, ‘Man, this sucks right now,’” she told Cosmo.

And she’s totally right! We all have our own healing process, and we all take a different amount of time to get over a relationship. Miranda’s taking her time and doing what she needs to feel better, and that doesn’t involve talking dirt on her husband. “Marriage is a tough business, and we gave it our best college try,” she explained.

But one thing that helps her move past it is doing what she does best: Making kickass music. “I feel the sexiest when I’m in my element, which is playing music,” she told Cosmo. “It doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing necessarily or where I’m at, just on stage with my band playing music is sort of where I feel like I belong and that makes me feel sexy.”

Miranda doesn’t put on any fronts for anyone, and she’s keeping raw and real about this whole thing, letting her emotions wash over her so the healing process can begin. And as always, she’s being totally classy about it. You go, Miranda! Check out the full interview, which hits newsstands on December 3rd.

(Image via Twitter.)

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