Miranda Kerr drank the same thing every day leading up to her wedding, and here’s the recipe

You’ve seen the photos from Miranda Kerr’s wedding, right? If so, then you’ve seen her gorgeous, long-sleeved, Old Hollywood-inspired wedding gown. Good. Did you know she drank the same green smoothie every day leading up to her wedding? Because she did.

We kind of love hearing about women’s pre-wedding routines. We’re fascinated by the regimes, and the self-care, and the ~whatever~ it is brides do leading up to the big day.

For Miranda Kerr, a fabulous green smoothie every morning did the trick.

In this video for Vogue, Miranda reveals, “I’ve been drinking this every day leading up to my wedding.”


The recipe honestly sounds tasty and we love that there’s no need to measure out the ingredients. Miranda simply throws into a blender: Cucumber, a “bunch” of spinach, one and a half celery sticks, a handful of kale, avocado, blueberries, protein powder, her own Kora Organics Noni Glow skin care supplement, and coconut water.


One thing to notice is that she only uses fresh ingredients. We tend to rely on frozen produce when making smoothies, but both are okay. According to Food and Nutrition blog Greatist, frozen vegetables are a fine swap for fresh fruits and veggies. However, they do suggest going fresh for citrus fruits, bell peppers, cabbage, and berries. Also, according to Health magazine, green smoothies contain beneficial fiber whereas a green juice does not.

In the meantime, we’ll whip up one of Miranda’s green smoothies so we can get her lovely wedding day glow.