This baby pink luminzer from Miranda Kerr’s skin care line will match your rose quartz crystals

When it comes to crystal-inspired beauty products, we’re practically obsessed, especially since mystical beauty buys allow us to channel the inner goddess we all have deep inside. So if you are a rose quartz lover, you’ll be pleased to know that this baby pink luminizer from Miranda Kerr’s skin care line will satisfy all you crystal fanatics, as it gives your cheeks a gorgeous rosy highlight that’s totally natural.

Delivering a natural and healthy glow right to your skin, the new Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer is suitable for those who are seeking organic makeup alternatives, as this bad boy boasts a formula filled with certified organic noni extract and coconut oil, which also delivers major hydration to your skin.

And you can credit your amazing glow to the luminizer’s special rose quartz crystal extract, as it gives your complexion a burst of radiance without looking too over-the-top.


To use this Miranda Kerr beauty essential like a pro, simply dab this shimmery delight onto your brow bones, temples, or cheeks to get the irresistible rose quartz highlight of your dreams.


Retailing for just $28, the Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer is ideal for those on a budget, as some highlighter kits can really leave a big dent in your wallet.


And being the crystal lovers we are, we’re hoping Miranda Kerr develops more crystal-inspired highlighters in the near future. A topaz, citrine, or amethyst-inspired highlight would be seriously awesome!

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