Miranda Cosgrove loves “School of Rock” as much as you do — and credits Jack Black for her love of comedy

It’s been 14 years since Miranda Cosgrove caught the attention of audiences as the precocious Summer Hathaway in School of Rock. With her latest film, Despicable Me 3, now in theaters, Cosgrove looks back to her breakout role and film — telling HelloGiggles all about why Summer is her favorite character that she’s played, if she’d be open to a School of Rock sequel, and what advice she’d give to girls hoping to pursue acting as well.

HellGiggles: Do you have a favorite character that you’ve played, and do you have a favorite memory from playing that character?

Miranda Cosgrove: It was really fun getting to be in School of Rock when I was little, cause it was the first time I’d ever acted and it was just a really great experience. So I think maybe that because even though it was the first thing I ever did, it really made me love acting. I’d probably go with Summer. Plus, it was fun getting to play somebody who was such a grade grubber, who cared so much about getting A’s.

HG: What are your thoughts on a School of Rock sequel? Is that something that you’d want to do?

MC: Yeah, I would love to be a part of that. We actually had a 10-year reunion not too long ago, and it was really fun getting to see everybody again. We’ve all grown up so much. It’s kind of crazy, because I made so many friends on the movie and I think we were all nine or 10, and now we’re all 24 or so. It was really fun getting to see everybody again.

HG: Do you keep in touch with the friends that you made while working on the movie, or Jack, or both?

MC: Yeah, Jack was actually in an episode of iCarly awhile back and I got to see him at the 10-year reunion. They played a lot of the songs from the movie for fun. It was fun getting to work with him in the first place, because I think he made me really love comedy — just because I got to see him [do] improv so much. In that movie, he just kind of riffed and did crazy things that popped into his mind. I think it made me realize how much fun it could be.


HG: Do you have any thoughts on what a School of Rock sequel could look like? Where would we find your character?

MC: I have no idea. Maybe she’d still be managing bands and she’d be successful at it. That would be cool. And I really liked [writer and actor] Mike White a lot. I saw him not too long ago. He’s such a great writer. So I’m sure he’d be able to come up with something great.

HG: Have you watched the School of Rock TV series, and what do you think of it?

MC: I actually haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve met a lot of the kids that are on it and they seem really awesome. They all play instruments and sing and they just seem really talented.

HG: Would you consider coming onto that show as guest star or for a cameo, or some kind of nod to your previous character?

MC: Maybe. I think that would be a lot of fun.

HG: More broadly, you started acting professionally at a young age. What advice would you give to young girls who want to pursue acting as well?

MC: I would say, if you try and you’re not successful right away, don’t stop trying. I have so many friends that have come to L.A. to act, and they’ve gone to so many auditions. And I’ve been on so many auditions in my life, and you just never really know when the right one’s gonna come up. So I would say, if you know that it’s something you want to do, just go for it — and don’t let it stop you if it takes a while.

HG: What would you like to tackle next in your career? Maybe something that you haven’t done yet that you’d like to explore?

MC: I’ve done some pilots the last couple pilot seasons, because I just want to be on a good show that’s a comedy. I love comedy, and I like making people laugh and having fun. Two of my favorite shows are Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’d [like] to get to do something like that.