Minnie Mouse teamed up with photographer Gray Malin in honor of National Polka Dot Day

Disney fans, rejoice! A new project from acclaimed photographer Gray Malin honors Minnie Mouse in all of her polka-dotted glory, and it’s here just in time for National Polka Dot Day on January 22nd.

The photo series, released Tuesday as part of Disney’s annual Minnie-centric #RocktheDots campaign, celebrates Minnie’s iconic red-and-white polka dot dress and her lasting impact on Hollywood and fashion worldwide. For the aerial photos, Malin staged an epic red carpet party — highlighting Hollywood’s most iconic landscape — and had guests carry white parasols to form large-scale polka dots.

The photos, along with Malin’s first ever video project, are a true delight and definitely capture Minnie’s fun-loving, spirited essence.


Watch Malin’s video piece below for a dynamic look at the polka-dotted red carpet.