Disney is selling Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Bar Ears, and you need to scoop up a pair

Disneyland is truly the most magical place on Earth: there’s nothing that makes us happier than stepping into the park and experiencing the joy of being there. And there’s nothing as Instagram-worthy as a trip to Disneyland. Snapping pictures of the beautiful castle, the rides, and the seasonal decorations is a vital part of every trip. Going to Disneyland also means coordinating your outfit with the park, or your favorite Disney character, or your best friend. Or…your favorite treat? Yep. Now, that’s entirely possible thanks to Disney’s new Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Bar Ears.

You can’t go to Disneyland without enjoying the food. They have the best churros (remember the Churro Challenge?) inventive drinks like the Infinity Fizz, and oh-so-many millennial pink and rose gold treats. But as much as we love Disney’s exciting new menu options, you can’t beat the classics. We’ll always love Mickey Mouse chocolate dipped ice cream bars. Which is why we’re so excited that now that we can wear Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Bar Ears to the park to match.

Once again, Disney stepped up their Minnie Mouse ear game.


How cute are these ears?

They look just like the classic ice cream bar.

The Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Bar Ears are a chocolate brown color. The right ear looks like it has a bite taken out of it and shows the white “ice cream” on the inside. They’re topped with Minnie’s signature pink bow and tons of sequins, of course.

Imagine the chance to coordinate your outfit with your ears AND your ice cream.

Well, if you’re thinking about hitting Disneyland or Disney World sometime this summer, these ears might make you push up your trip.

Cheers to the happiest (and most delicious) place on Earth.

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