Disney fans, stop what you’re doing — you can now buy a Minnie Mouse bath bomb

Disney’s OG heroine, Minnie Mouse, inspired the cutest bath bomb on the market, and it’s super easy to find at your local mall. And honestly, who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? She’s a fashion plate, the grand dame of all female Disney characters, and 100% sweetheart. Her red, black, and white polka dot ensembles are timeless and still inspiring babes from cosplayers to fashionistas.

We love a good bath bomb, and the one bearing Minnie’s likeness is too cute to pass up. The cherry-scented fizzie is available now at everyone’s favorite pop culture gift destination, Hot Topic. Shaped like Minnie’s head, the orb with ears also features the iconic red bow. It’s almost too cute to dissolve, but in the name of self-care, we are definitely throwing that bad gal into the water. The bomb is cruelty-free, ensuring that no mice were harmed in its production.

But if Belle is your favorite Disney heroine, Hot Topic has a bath bomb for you, too. The Beaty and the Beast-themed fizzie is pink and features the magical rose from the film. Perfect for a nice long soak with your favorite book. Here’s to hoping more Disney-themed bath bombs hit Hot Topic stores.

Behold the sheer cuteness:

1The Disney Minnie Mouse Bath Bomb is currently on sale for $7.92.

2The Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Bath Bomb is also on sale for $7.92.


So if you’re a die-hard Disney fan, you’re going to want to add these to your shopping cart, ASAP. You can find them on HotTopic.com and in Hot Topic stores.

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