The Minnesota Vikings honored Prince at their halftime show, and it was SO beautiful

It’s been several months since Prince died, yet we still feel a big gaping hole in our hearts.

But luckily, brilliant tributes are still happening — and Entertainment Weekly informed us that the latest is from Prince’s home NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings. This is particularly special, because Prince was a fan of the team his whole life.

They devoted their halftime show to Prince, with the Minnesota Orchestra and gospel group the Steeles performing “Purple Rain” to an excited (and lucky) audience.

Oh yeah, and of course the whole stadium was made a beautiful shade of purple. It was breathtaking.

What an awesome gesture. We just wish we were there in person!

To top it all off, the Vikings won the game. So, Prince would have been proud.

You can see the whole video here. Just FYI… you might get emotional. We did.


Never, ever forget you, Prince! You were truly one of a kind.