Are these ‘Minions’ tampons taking things too far?

The Despicable Me spin-off/prequel Minions opens in theaters this Friday. And it looks adorable and hilarious and everything we ever wanted in a movie about little Twinkie-shaped sidekicks. You’ve probably seen a ton of Minion merchandise popping up all over the shelves of your favorite stories, and it’s hard to avoid the little yellow guys with big goggles. They’ve got toys, clothing, bedsheets and pillows, tie-ins with food — the list goes on and on. But now it appears as if the Minions are branching off into uncharted tie-in territory: feminine hygiene.

Yes, my friends, we are living in a world where Kotex is showing its Minion pride loud and proud. Kotex Puerto Rico posted an image to their Facebook account showing us three yellow tampon applicators and goggle-eyes to match the movie’s stars, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob. The caption on the picture reads (after it’s translated to English) “We’re ready for the movie! And you, who [are] you [bringing] along to the premiere?” Well, we weren’t necessarily planning on bringing Aunt Flo, but OK, Kotex.

While the resemblance between the Minions and the tampons is clear (a sentence I never imagined I would write, ever) this might be a little too much, Kotex. This might be like, hitting the Minion a little too square on the head. However, it could all be good fun, since Kotex also wrote on the page (translated), “A #chicakotex never leaves the good humor aside!” and I can’t say I’ve opened up a box of tampons lately, to find a bunch of yellow tampons staring back at me. But still

These tampons aren’t the first crazy Minions-themed promotional products out there, either. Have you seen the Minion tic-tacs? They’re banana flavored, and actually have little Minion faces on them. I’d feel guilty eating them every single time.

Why stop at just tic-tacs when you can also enjoy a Minion Twinkie, too?

There’s also the Minion bed. Not like a comforter on a bed showcasing the Minions, but an actual bed/mattress combination with arms (that may or may not give you nightmares every single night, maybe?)

For projects around the house, you can also pull out your roll of Minion duck tape. No prom dresses have been made out of this — yet.

Also how about just immersing yourself in complete Minion mayhem, by staying at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando, where you sleep in a Minion rocket, and also all those Minions on the wall watch you as you slumber?

If the mood hits you, you can rent a Minion bouncy house for any small children in your life (and OK, also for you).

Let’s not forget when Sandra Bullock (who voices Scarlett Overkill in the movie) showed up on the Minions red carpet wearing Minion high heels.

If high heels aren’t your thing, there’s always the option of painting a pair of your Converse.


In hindsight, Minion tampons actually aren’t the the craziest thing we’ve ever seen.

(Images via Kotex, Twitter, Amazon, Universal Orlando,Twitter, and Illumination Entertainment)

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