Proof that the Minions are the cutest creations on this sweet Earth

There’s now a brand new Minions trailer gracing the Internet, and it’s just as painfully cute as you can imagine. The minions — Kevin, Bob, and Stuart — are off to Orlando, Florida for Villain Con, which I bet, is full of great merch booths. The plot of Minions follows these three during their time B.G. — before Gru. The Minions are in dire need of a master, and if they don’t find one soon, they’ll die. But, let’s think of happy thoughts, not bad ones, because that’s what these Minions would want for us.

There are lots of times when these little yellow guys with a varying eye count are simply the cutest ever, but we don’t have all day to go through every single absolutely adorable moment (because, that’d take up like three or four hours). Instead, here’s just that quick rundown to give you the quick Minion pick me up that you probably need.

Minions choreographed line-dancing

And just a Minion fire alarm in general

Anytime the Minions are happy to see you

Minions dressed up in funky cabana wear, ready for a party

Disco Minions in general

Minions doing housework

Minion goodnight kisses

Minions doing things we wish we could sometimes do at the office

Minions helping other Minions out, #love

Sweet Minion kisses

Also, the little-bit-crazy purple minion

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