This couple had a Minion-themed wedding and the Internet has some feelings about it

In an ongoing effort to win the insane arms race of the wedding-industrial complex, people have come up with all kinds of different wedding themes: Disney weddings, NASCAR weddings, destination weddings in faraway locations that force their friends to fork over three months of rent just to attend.

But the ceremony that takes the cake (literally) may be the Minion-themed wedding thrown this summer by a couple in the UK, which has mysteriously reemerged to confuse and delight the Internet once again. And yes, before you ask, they are (apparently) grown adult humans who decided to have a Minion-themed wedding.

When Samantha Finan (now Thomas) and Bob Thomas got married back in July, they decided to have a little fun with their wedding. In some people’s opinions, maybe a little too much fun. The couple, who are obviously big fans of the Despicable Me movies, designed their wedding to feature the rotund, chattering and very, very yellow creatures from the movies.

According to local newspaper the North-West Evening Mail, wedding guests got Minion masks to pose in, a life-size Minion welcomed the bride and groom to the venue, two sugary Minions perched on top of the wedding cake and a stuffed Minion was strapped to the front of the couple’s car. And because no modern wedding is complete without a hashtag, they went with (brace yourselves) #OneInAMinion.

The wedding party were asked to embrace the theme, too, with the groomsmen donning blue suits with yellow ties and Minion cufflinks, while the bridesmaids wore “Minion yellow” dresses, surely a universally flattering color.

Though the couple admitted to the local paper that they might have let the theme get a little “out of control,” guests reportedly had a great time at the “bonkers” nuptials. Everyone has their opinion when it comes to weddings, though, and who could expect the Internet to resist a bonanza like this? When the photos from the summer wedding popped back up on Imgur this past week, people had some Thoughts about it.

The original poster captioned the photos, “This is it people….we have to nuke ourselves.” A few commenters were on board with the sign-of-the-apocalypse sentiment, with one saying, “That’s a weird toddler birthday party” and another asking, “Are minions even allowed to marry each other?” Another expressed a feeling that many of us have about many things on the interwebs, just saying: “Why.” Others were willing to defend the couple, though, with comments like, “it’s their wedding and it’s harmless.” One commenter got right to the banana-loving heart of the matter, pointing out,  “Weddings SHOULD BE FUN!! Why would you want a formal, stuffy, anxiety inducing wedding?”

Team Let Them Have Their Minion Cake and Eat it Too has a point — so many people freak out to the point of making themselves sick over weddings, so it’s kind of refreshing to see a couple just let loose and enjoy themselves, even if it means the bridesmaids have to wear yellow. It’s worth mentioning, too, that both the bride and groom had been married before and have children, so it’s not like anyone was hung up on having a perfect fairytale first wedding.

Sure, it might not be the theme of choice for many (most?) of us, but would you really turn down a Minion cupcake? Didn’t think so.

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