Remember the girl who lost Minion dress bet? She actually wore it to homecoming

Back in September, Daisy Maddox and her best friend Ally Miller made a hilarious bet: Daisy would have to wear a Minion-themed tutu dress to homecoming if Ally’s tweet about the wager got more than 15,000 retweets. Well, much to the California high schoolers’ surprise, Ally’s tweet went viral, getting well over 20,000 retweets in a matter of days.

Daisy accepted her fate, promising to uphold her end of the bargain and don a Minion outfit of Ally’s choice to homecoming this past weekend.

Ally picked out the perfect Minion ensemble: it was banana yellow, with a poofy taffeta skirt and belt complete with a big, single Minion-eye. Even Daisy’s mom loved it. The only problem was that the dress was actually only made in children’s sizes.

UM, WOW. Gotta love that both Daisy and Ally’s mom were in on the joke.

It turns out that Ally’s mom is the equivalent of a flock of Disney birds (like the ones in Cinderella, who help make her first dress): The dress she made in so little time was absolutely gorgeous! Really, the dress does not look like a result of losing a bet at all. Ally’s mom should think about opening an Etsy store ASAP.

Daisy revealed to MTV that she felt anxious about appearing at the dance in a dress that would draw so much attention, even though she is known in her high school for her out-going personality.

It’s good to know that Ally supported Daisy at homecoming, especially since the whole Minion bet was her doing in the first place. Asking the Internet to pressure your BFF into wearing a crazy cartoon dress, but then giving her an awesome pep talk before she makes a grand entrance — definitive proof that friendship is a beautiful thing.

Now the only question left is … what will Daisy wear to prom?

(Image via here.)