17 minimally abstract tattoos that can be your little secret

Whether you want to commemorate a deeply personal event, or just get something that looks really pretty, there’s no denying that getting inked is something of a rite of passage for everyone who does it.

And while tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, minimal tattoos are not only very subtle but incredibly beautiful too, like the ones below.

1. This Runic best friends tattoo.

2. This gorgeous geometric design.

3. This very cool over-sized circle.

4. This abstract, yet gorgeous, brush stroke.

5. This terrific set of twisted lines.

6. These finger glyphs of “express” and “power.”

7. This subtle Scorpio constellation.

8. This triangle set reminiscent of mountains.

9. This intricately beautiful ink.

10. This open “note” box for…whoever!

11. This geometrically expressed cat.

12. This cute set of stairs.

13. This simplified wave.

14. This geometric gem.

15. This dainty design on a wrist.

16. This simplified portrait of a woman.

17. And finally, these yin and yang-styled triangles.

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