This minimalist cabin in upstate New York is a book-lover’s dream and the perfect escape from life right now

In the latest edition of “take us there now, dammit,” feast your eyes upon this minimalist cabin in the woods of New York and try to get through the description of it before you go packing 100 things into a carry-on. This wondrous retreat is unbelievably alluring, and Blair Witch Project wilderness flashbacks be damned — we’re ready to haul ass to this cabin ASAP.

According to experts who revealed the cheapest time to travel, we’re a little bit off the mark, but this cabin designed by architects at Studio PADRON makes us want to say eff it and take advantage of some much-needed solitude.

Uh, yeah…something like that, except a little fancier. The Norwegian-style creation is referred to as Hemmelig Rom Cabin, or the secret room, due to the construction of the walls. Basically, they were built to form a library, aka a book-lover’s dream.

Here’s the exterior:

And the cozy interior:

OK, so we know this is supposed to be a ~secret~ room and all, but WE. WANT. IN.