These miniature crochet animals will fill your heart with endless love

Ready for a teeny tiny cuteness explosion that will fit right on the tip of your finger? If the answer is YES — and the answer should always be YES — feast your eyes on these little beauties. There’s a family in Vietnam that crochets miniature animals that are so small, you can perch them on your index finger.

The family who makes these wonderful little creations, Su Ami, is made up of five different members who all practice the Japanese tradition of amigurumi, or, the “art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.” We’re totally on board with this, because their teensy little animal darlings are absolutely stunning. The amount of detail that goes into each little piece, and the fact that each little animal is so, so very small, is kinda mind blowing. You’d expect something so detailed to be at least half a foot tall. Seriously, take a look at these animals:

And they don’t just stick to real animals.

Su Ami runs an Etsy shop where you can actually buy these tiny adorable things, and fair warning, they’re a little costly. Considering the amount of time that it probably to takes one of these animals, $86 for a miniscule golden retriever is kinda worth it.

So seriously guys, are these the cutest, or are they THE CUTEST?? Do you suddenly want a shelf full of these tiny animals? If you can’t have a collection of the real life-sized variety, tiny ones are kind of the next best thing, TBH.

Images via here.