Bundle up, everyone: science is predicting a mini-Ice Age will hit us by 2030

Everyone make sure you have your mittens, scarves, and ear muffs ready- science just told us that we’re headed for a mini-Ice Age in the next 15 years.

Solar scientist Professor Valentina Zharkova recently presented this theory at the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales, predicting that, based on the Sun’s 11-year solar cycle patterns, the sun’s solar activity will drop up to 60 percent in 2030.

As the Daily Mail reports, Zharkova predicts this mini-Ice Age happening between 2030 and 2040. In case you were wondering, Earth HAS experienced a mini-Ice Age since the last big wooly-mammoth-and-saber-tooth-tiger Ice Age. Called the ‘Maunder Minimum,’ it lasted from 1645 to 1715, and caused the London’s River Thames to freeze over (yikes, that’s cold!)

Of course, they didn’t have, you know photography back then, but what they lacked in phones-with-built-in-cameras, they sure made up for with oil paintings, here’s a 1677 work by Abraham Hondius depicting the frozen river:

So if anyone lives in a super old house and has a SUPER old ghost in the attic, make sure to ask for tips re: beating the cold and pass them along.


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