Mini Horse Adorably Rescued From Tiny Hole in the Ground

Mother’s Day, Prom, Memorial Day Weekend, Graduation, Father’s Day, and then the official start of summer. The schedule may be jam-packed, but hopefully it’s a fun-filled lineup on tap! Of course, if the to-do list feels overwhelming, we recommend taking a quick confidence break.

And when all else fails, there’s always this new edition of “The Week In WHAT?!” loaded with extra love in honor of mom’s special day!

He Fell in the Pit

A group of Massachusetts firefighters received a rather unusual call last week after a miniature horse needed their assistance. The little guy with the luxurious mane got stuck after falling into a sinkhole. Rather than attempting to lift the frazzled fella, the rescuers fashioned a ramp out of the dirt so it could climb up all by itself. Apparently the only thing hurt in the incident was the horse’s dignity. However, it dusted itself off, fixed its bangs, and walked tall. Li’l Sebastian would be proud.

She’s a Cat, But Don’t Tell Her That

Cue the “awwwww!” track because who doesn’t enjoy an animal that thinks it’s actually a different species entirely? A spry little foster kitten living with a family of pit bulls decided to make herself at home as one of the pack. She’s even taken on the behavioral patterns of her newfound brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, her attempts to nurse are proving futile since her pit bull parent of choice happens to be male. She may look like a cat, but her inner dog is on full display. Three cheers for finding one’s true identity!

Dog Knows Best

Before a dog can become man’s best friend, he has to prove himself as boy’s BFF. A North Dakota pup did just that when he and his 3-year-old buddy got lost during an adventure around their 10-plus acre home. The boy’s parents spent an hour trying to locate their son around the property. Halfway through their search, they also realized the family dog was nowhere to be seen. Then, they called the police. Authorities launched a massive search for the two with the help of 60 four-wheelers and an airplane. Almost seven hours later, they found the German Shepherd-Labrador-Golden Retriever mix about a mile away from the house. The boy had snuggled underneath the dog, who covered him in an attempt to shield him from the chilly 40 degree temperatures. At least someone was thinking clearly.

There’s a New “B” in Town

Can you guess what the most popular name starting with the letter “B” is for a newborn baby girl? We’ll give you a hint: it’s quite Posh — with a capital “P!” If you thought “Brooklyn,” then pat yourself on the back because you’re right! Turns out parents across America are smitten with the moniker. Surprisingly, New Yorkers aren’t feeling it as much as others, and most of their Northeast counterparts concur. Bailey, Bella, and Brooke reign supreme as the queen “B” names throughout New England while Brianna sweeps through New York and New Jersey. Will all the Brooklyns get a chance to fulfill their manifest destiny by visiting NYC’s most populated borough and sampling its artisanal goods?

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via Gawker/Chatham Fire Department.

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