Mindy’s exes make everything awkward AF on “The Mindy Project”

Awkward run-ins with ex-boyfriends are usually anything but funny. But when three ex encounters occur during the same episode of The Mindy Project (it’s also the show’s 100th episode!), it’s undeniably hilarious. And I think we all needed that sort of universally relatable brand of humor right now.


The drama kicks off with Mindy running into Jamie (played by Mindy Kaling’s real-life soupsnake, BJ Novak) on the subway. Jamie is no longer teaching Latin, and broke up with his longtime love Lucy. So he’s single again! Now he’s a bestselling author, and has developed some legit fame in the literary world. Mindy is endlessly impressed – because she loves all forms of fame – and eagerly agrees when Jamie invites her and Morgan to his book reading.


She brings Ben along and she fawns all over Jamie’s new status. Ben sees right through it, and has no interest in rubbing elbows with anyone there. Mindy starts doing this thing where she doesn’t tell people she meets that Ben is a nurse (especially her ex bfs), and it’s painful to watch every single time.



After Ben makes a guest appearance on the Today Show, Mindy takes him out to dinner to celebrate his new viral fame. He’s exhausted, and totally over the fame game. Enter Casey (played by Anders Holm). He’s the former pastor-turned-DJ-turned-sneaker-designer and he’s adorably douche-y. But he’s all about that name-dropping life. So when Mindy introduces Ben as an on-air personality and not a nurse, Ben has just about had it.



Josh (played by Tommy Dewey), shows up at the absolute worst possible moment – while Ben and Mindy are fighting in the street after he catches her in a drunken make-out session with Jamie! This was after Ben didn’t show up to film another segment on the Today Show and hadn’t called Mindy for two days. She didn’t know if they were even together anymore, and he just figured they had a fight and needed time to cool off. But anyway, Josh shows up with his new gf and is as charismatically dark and dead-pan as always.

The episode ends with Ben telling Mindy that he’s sick of being treated like he’s not as cool as her exes and not good enough for her. He tells her she isn’t good enough for HIM and walks away.

Exes, man. They make everything terrible.

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