Mindy realizes how much modern dating sucks on “The Mindy Project”

There are several things to admire about Dr. Mindy Lahiri, like her extraordinary wardrobe, her flourishing career, and her lovable obsession with candy. But the fourth item on that list is her undeniable ability to crush it in the dating world. She meets adorable dudes who fall all over themselves to be with her. I mean, Jody bought her an a freaking apartment just to say that he was in love with her!

Unfortunately, on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, she gets a bitter taste of how crappy modern dating can be. When a lab tech named Lisa shows up to her office to collect patients’ urine and blood samples, she reveals that she knows Dr. Lahiri through her boyfriend, Ben Miller, who speaks highly of her. YEAH. That’s nurse Ben, and apparently he has another girlfriend. Cue collective disappointed sigh.

Nurse Ben is a bonehead


When Mindy confronts him about Lisa, he says that they’re not dating, they’re just “hanging out.” Mindy asks him if that’s what’s happening between them as well, and Ben doesn’t have a good answer for that. He tosses out the flimsy BS line, “Well… we never talked about it sooo…..”

Mindy is rightfully pissed, breaks a date with him, and returns to her office to eat sour candy while lying on the floor. (Side note: I know she’s suffering right now, but this is the Mindy I fully connect with, so I dig the whole, candy-while-lying-on-the-floor thing.)

Celebrity rebound


Towards the end of the episode, Mindy attends a party with Jeremy’s college friend (and fake Avengers superhero who has the vague ability to “manipulate the universe,” Leland Breakfast. He’s British, famous, and extremely douche-y, but Mindy doesn’t really care because she’s using it as a chance to rebound with someone cool.

Ben shows up and he and Mindy speak in private. He tells her he was “hanging out” with Lisa partly because he’s insecure and sees Mindy as way above him. He assumed that Mindy wouldn’t want to settle down with him because she’s a fancy Manhattan doctor, and after insulting herself (which is so not okay, Mindy!) they decide to become an exclusive couple.

Seriously though?


Look, I’ve been a huge fan of nurse Ben from day one, and maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I don’t think he deserves a second chance so easily. Lisa recognized Mindy in the first place because of the nice things Ben said about her. Does anyone else see how weird and icky that is? Poor Lisa is getting played and the evidence is right in front of her face, and Ben has the nerve to brag about his other woman to the girl he’s hooking up with? And Mindy’s okay with him telling Lisa about her?

Also, why are Ben’s insecurities Mindy’s problem? It’s hard enough for women to be confident in their own skin, and now Ben is justifying his shady hookup because Mindy seems too good for him? That’s something Don Draper would do.

Ben, you need to be better. Otherwise…. boy, bye.

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