Inconveniently Interviewing The Mindy Project’s Xosha Roquemore While Gardening

Xosha is the best and, not to brag, but I know her from back in the day. We were in a funny women sketch group together when we were both new to the funny lady scene. Since then Xosha has been in numerous films and stars weekly as Tamra on ‘The Mindy Project‘! She’s a powerhouse and we are going to do a little light gardening and harvest some stuff from the roof of Petty Cash Taqueria (in Los Angeles), to take downstairs so the chef can cook…while we have a cocktail. Watch us attempt to pick something delicious and listen to the story of the first time we met, how she has the best one liners on TV (fact), and what it was like to play Joann, the lighthearted character in Precious to make us laugh. Thanks Petty Cash! Follow them @PettyCashLA and follow Xosha Roquemore @XoshaRockstar

Also, she knows a lot about gardening. Did you know about the kaleleo parasite? Didn’t think so

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