“The Mindy Project” series finale gave viewers a happy ending and made Twitter *very* emotional

After six seasons, countless relationship misfires, and more bear claws than a girl can count, The Mindy Project finally came to an end. If you’re here wondering, “Hey, what happens at the end of Mindy Project?” you should already know: Mindy Lahiri gets her happy ending, and instead of riding of into the sunset with a handsome prince, she settles in to watch television with him on the couch. THE. DREAM.

Yes, after literally six seasons full of will-they-won’t-they and now-they-have-a-baby-but-they-still-won’t, Mindy and Danny finally came to realize that they both have feelings for one another, and they’ve always had feelings for one another. As Mindy put it to Danny during the closing moments of the episode, she “never stopped” loving him. Awww.

So where do these two go from here? Who knows, and who knows what will come their way next, let alone what they’ll fight about next. The bottom line is, as the episode is even titled, “It Had To Be You.” (Which is also an iconic Frank Sinatra song, and also the end credits song for When Harry Met Sally — rom-com fun facts).

For a show basically built as one long romantic comedy, it was a pretty fitting end. And considering how many romantic comedies make us feel, Twitter was full of emotions.

Mindy Kaling herself got a little emotional, too:

But don’t cry, television viewers. Mindy’s already got her next project in the works at Hulu, and it’s going to be another rom-com sit-com. So see, this really is the perfect happy ending.