“The Mindy Project” is ending *tonight* — here’s every thing you need to know about this season

After many, many relationships — some good, some failed — and more bear claws than a girl can count, Hulu’s The Mindy Project is coming to an end. The show (which started on on Fox back in 2012 before being canceled and moving to Hulu) is about to air its swan song, hopefully bringing Mindy Lahiri’s story full-circle — along with snagging her a happy ending, once and for all.

If the ending of Mindy Project is news to you, ex-squeeeeeze me, because where have you been? But also that’s okay, since instead of dropping the series in full for one epic binge, Hulu has released the 10 episodes of Season 6 week by week. There’s a lot of TV, and it’s hard to keep up. But also, to cite my favorite quote from Mindy Project, which goes all the way back to Season 1, Episode 4, “If you’re so obsessed with television why don’t you keep up with it in a timely way?”

So for all of those who have not kept up with Mindy Project in a timely manner, here’s what you need to know to jump right into the series finale.

1. Mindy and Danny are probably endgame. You just have to know that upfront. This whole season has been one long, drawn-out reminder that maybe Danny was the perfect guy for Mindy all along.

2. Mindy is now divorced. At the end of Season 5, she marries Ben, and immediately we all knew that something was amiss. Mindy was not happy. Mindy — though she could totally commit to dreamy nurse Ben — couldn’t give up her single gal lifestyle and realized that she was better off without a husband.

3. Morgan and Tamra are getting married AND expecting a baby. Oh boy. This will-they-won’t-they relationship has finally reached the YES THEY WILL part of the story. Tamra, who decided she wanted a baby earlier in the season, realizes she can’t go through with IVF….because she’s secretly been hooking up with Morgan and now she’s pregnant with his baby. He proposes. All’s well that ends well, I guess?

4. Jeremy is quite smitten with a doctor named Anna, and things are serious. If you checked out of Mindy sometime last season, welcome back, and also there’s a new doctor at Shulman and Associates, Anna. She’s like, the opposite of everything Jeremy, but for some reason the two of them are perfect together. After a few missed moments, they realize they’re crazy about one another and are making it work.

5. Jody is going to Africa. If you checked out of Mindy two seasons ago, the last thing you saw was probably Jody buying Mindy an upstairs apartment, thus doubling the size of her NYC pad. Yeah, that love story is long over now. Jody has wined and dined many women throughout NYC and seems to have finally found something with Dr. Mary Hernandez, who just happens to be getting ready to do a Doctors Without Borders-like program. So Jody is going with her. ALSO, Jody is pulling all of his equity out of his business with Mindy, Later baby, and she freaks TF out about it.

6. Colette now has Jody’s apartment. Hulu, if you’re reading this, make a Colette spin-off series — I would watch that. Something like, “Colette in the City,” and that idea basically writes itself.

7. Beverley is still around. ¯_(ツ)_/¯. She also has a long-lost son…? It’s Beverly, just go with it. 

8. All of Mindy’s past boyfriends have reappeared this season to remind her of her past loves/mistakes/eating habits. It was like one long season of the Ghosts of Mindy’s Boyfriends Past. None of them stuck around for very long, and all of them simply seemed to reinforce the idea of…

9. Danny. SO Danny’s mom, Annette, has breast cancer, and Mindy learned this before Danny did. It was a whole ~thing~. This has also brought Mindy and Danny back together, and last we saw the two of them, in the penultimate episode, Danny was asking Mindy to accompany him to his mother’s cancer surgery because she has a “good effect” on Ma…and also him. Aww.

And now you know everything you need to know before the series finale, which will drop on Hulu at 9 p.m. PST. Go forth and watch! Bring bear claws for everyone.