Mindy Lahiri quotes to live by, and laugh with in 2016

All hail Mindy Lahiri! Since The Mindy Project came into our lives, the TV world and life in general has been so much better. We all have Mindy Kaling and her brillant writing and portrayal of Dr. Mindy Lahiri to thank for that and let’s be honest, it’s not that big of a stretch to be totally obsessed with both Mindys and everything they say.

If Mindy isn’t your role model, she should be… well, she should be at least one of them. On The Mindy Project, Mindy has made a fool out of herself, kicked butt in her field and managed to find love and happiness (well, most of the time) and that’s why she is our go-to guru for wisdom in 2016. We’ve rounded up some of her greatest quotes from the series that you should live by, and at the very least laugh upon reading, below. You’re welcome.

Trust yourself.

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation might always say, “treat yo self,” but this year you should trust yo self!


Always, always be a good friend.

Side note: do friendship cakes exist? If they don’t, they definitely should.


When in doubt channel your inner goddess.

Even though Mindy’s life is out of control a LOT, she doesn’t totally panic (yes, she panics sometimes, but not all the time), instead she looks to her inner warrior…


Get your priorities in line this year.

Know what your rights are, even if they aren’t as awesome as Mindy’s ridiculous rules.


Thank you Mindy, for perfectly summing up how everyone should deal with weight comments.

Seriously, don’t let body shammers get you down. We are all like clouds, Mindy says so.


Her confidence about her body image is beyond inspirational.



2016 is the year of getting what you want.

Don’t deprive yourself of what you want. You can have your cake and eat it too!


Life is rough.

It doesn’t matter how messy your life gets, just own it.


Holding out for true love is nothing to be ashamed of.

Plus, there is a difference between having standards and being picky, trust us.


Confidence is key.

Rock what you’ve got.


Remeber, you can’t solve all your problems.

Luckily, there is cookie dough.


Who needs a celebrity role model?

Be your own role model and do NOT apologize for it.


Mindy Lahiri is a crazy, hilarious character and her words are golden. Alright, they aren’t actual gold, but they are fun to try and live your life by. Sound off with your favorite Mindy mantra below!

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