Mindy Kaling’s behind-the-scenes look at “Ocean’s Eight” is getting us so pumped for 2018

The moment the new all-female Ocean’s Eight movie was announced, we were beside ourselves with excitement. Not to mention, as some absolutely incredible women have signed on to do the remake, it has been basically a movie dream come true.

And now seeing Mindy Kaling’s behind-the-scenes Instagram post of Ocean’s Eight is making us want to time travel into the future and see this movie like NOW.

Though we don’t know much of the details behind every badass woman’s character or how they’ll all fit together, we have no doubt it will be totally epic. And the picture that Mindy posted confirmed just how awesome it really looks.

Wearing comfy fall boots and an adorable dress, Mindy looks totally casual standing next to that intimidating vault. Since the previous Ocean’s movies have all been capers that involve some sort of thievery, we can only assume that this remake will do the same.

Needless to say, we are certainly curious to learn more about exactly what Mindy is up to in this picture.

The sly smile on her face make it clear she’s definitely up to something, we just have to wait to find out exactly what.

Despite the fact that some genuinely entertaining pictures have surfaced from the Ocean’s Eight set, we don’t know much about the actual movie aside from the killer cast.

Rihanna previously posted a behind-the-scenes look on the set.

Her post, like Mindy’s, shows off an awesome outfit and tells very little else about her character.

Of course, sometimes life is more fun with mysteries. And details about the film itself will undoubtedly start to come out as we get closer to the June of 2018 release. But we’d love to see even more of these magical moments to keep our imaginations wondering until then!

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