Mindy Kaling’s latest Instagram is the definition of summer perfection

It’s no secret that we love Mindy Kaling — she’s a smart, hilarious, and inspirational woman. But lately, we’re appreciating her for a totally different reason: her Instagram.

Kaling’s Insta game has always been strong: gorgeous red carpet shots and selfies with other celebs are mixed in with shots that betray how incredibly down-to-earth she is, like this slider-in-purse she shared a few weeks ago:

However, as the weather’s turned warmer, Kaling has upped the ante, delivering seasonal and gorgeous images to her followers. Kaling, who was recently in Cannes, France, showed off a bright, summery printed dress she wore this week.

There was also the shot from a room overlooking the breathtakingly clear water in France that dazzled us (and awoke the tiniest bit of envy).

But it’s her last post that takes the cake.

It seems Kaling has moved on to Antibes, the Mediterranean resort town between Cannes and Nice. And no wonder: June 24th is Kaling’s birthday; she just turned 37 and clearly wanted to do so in style.

Antibes is known for its beaches, and she gives followers a taste of the picturesque destination with a sunset shot. Kaling, donning a chic wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, smiles into the camera in front of steel blue water and a dusky sky. If the warm weather wasn’t enough to spark your wanderlust, this shot alone may do it:

The photo is essentially summer in a single image, and it’s striking. By celebrating her birthday in a place like Antibes, Kaling is clearly making the most of her summer. We know that with this photo — and Kaling’s Instagram in general — we’re inspired to step up our summery picture-taking game.

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