Mindy Kaling’s playful face-covered shirt actually has a super cool story behind it

Let’s be real: We adore basically everything the style genius Mindy Kaling wears. So we were totally intrigued when she posted a recent Instagram picture wearing a unique and stylish graphic tee.

While her caption was all about how well her Dermalogica products were working for her (and obviously they are, just look at that glowing skin!), it was her t-shirt that completely captivated us.

So we immediately started doing our research to find out how to get one for ourselves and discovered Mindy was actually sporting the badass female artist, Maria Qamar.

Qamar has a popular Instagram page called “@hatecopy” that features a ton of her creations on it. If they look familiar to you, it’s because they’ve also been recently featured on The Mindy Project. According to one of her posts, Mindy reached out to the artist after an exhibition in London to find out ways to incorporate her art into the show (and clearly Mindy’s own fashion style as well).

Her creations have become so popular, the she actually wrote a book called Trust No Aunty featuring her drawings and her distinct point of view.

Qamar’s playful style and hilarious musings were enough to capture the attention of the comedy goddess Mindy Kaling and we can totally see why.

It’s one thing to show off art pieces on your show, but Mindy obviously loves Qamar’s designs enough to wear them on your own body. And, luckily for all of us, her website is filled with all sorts of awesome clothes and cool designs we can order for ourselves.

Which means you can order this “Get Me Out!” t-shirt today and in no time you’ll be totally twinning with Mindy Kaling.


We already ~loved~ this rad t-shirt the moment we saw it on Mindy. But knowing that buying it supports a talented artist who is doing incredible things makes us even more stoked to own one for ourselves.

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