This is why Mindy Kaling’s costume designer loves dressing her on “The Mindy Project”

We love The Mindy Project for all its comedy, characters, and storylines. We also like watching to see what Mindy’s wearing. Girl has some serious style. E! News recently spoke with Salvador Perez, Mindy Kaling’s costume designer, about how much he enjoys dressing her on the show. We love what he had to say.

Apparently, when Kaling asked Perez to work on The Mindy Project, she told him it would be much more than lab coats and doctor’s scrubs.

"I think that it's shown to regular-sized girls across America that you can have fun with fashion no matter what size you are," Perez said. "And she really pushes fashion. I make sure that she always looks great, it's about great fit."

We agree — we’re always fangirling over what Mindy’s character is wearing. There’s no question that she looks amazing episode after episode.

Here are Perez and Kaling at his costume exhibit at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills just a few days ago.


What a good looking duo! Here’s Kaling striking a fashionable pose at the event.


Perez said that Kaling “always looks impeccable,” and we completely agree. Just look at those matching shoes she’s rocking.

The sixth and final season of The Mindy Project debuts on Hulu in just a few weeks. We can imagine it’s been an emotional time for everyone as they gear up to say goodbye.

"We had our last read through [this week]," Perez continued. "I read the final script a couple of times, and I cried for an hour afterwards…Mindy has written the most beautiful script. It is the most beautiful finale…I am so excited for everybody to see this final episode."

We wish the show never had to end.

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