Mindy Kaling is currently taste testing fat-free yogurts in her free time, and, RESPECT

One of the best things about following celebrity Instagram accounts is being able to take a peek into the lives of some of the most amazing people on earth. Through Instagram, we’ve gotten behind-the-scenes set pics, glimpses into the hottest Oscar parties, and relationship debuts.

Now, Mindy Kaling is giving us the inside scoop on her A-list celebrity life: As in her quest for the perfect fat-free yogurt.

No, this is not a joke (well, it’s kinda a joke, but Mindy is in on it and we 100% love it). It seems that even celebrities have to go through the mundane process of finding their favorite yogurt brands. Trust us, Mindy, we’ve all been there at some point or another.

Check out the pic below:


The Mindy Project star has never been shy with sharing the ~realities~ of celebrity life with us and we love her for it. While we like to think that celeb life is all glitz and glam, Kaling is giving it to us straight with her on-point caption. She writes,

“Fat free Greek yogurt taste test this week, that's what's going on with me right now, can't all be photos from cannes or backstage at a talk show.

Touche, Mindy.

Earlier this year, Kaling posted the most relatable Insta vid of herself watching fireworks from a McDonald’s drive through. Sometimes, stars really are just like us!

While we love seeing Insta pics from Kaling at parties, we appreciate the realness of watching her find the perfect yogurt. Seriously Mindy, good luck on the hunt.

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