Mindy Kaling just showed us exactly which “X-Men” character she should play

ICYMI, yesterday on Instagram, Mindy Kaling may have given us a glimpse into which X-Men character she’d play.

Yep, Storm.

We think she rocked it.

If you’re out of the X-Men loop (but if you are, we suggest you change that ASAP), Storm’s made appearances in many of the live-action X-Men movies.

Here’s Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past back in 2014, when Halle Berry played her.


Of course, Storm is always a hit at Comic-Con, too.

And when Storm is not Storm, a mutant with superhuman abilities who can control the weather and fly (NBD, right?!), she’s Ororo Munroe. Sort of like the way Mindy Lahiri lives her life as an OB/GYN by day, and tries to have a life outside of the office, too.


As Mindy’s shown us time and time again, she’s played different roles before and is used to interacting with all kinds of people.

And knows how to kick some serious butt.

All in all, it takes a strong woman to play Storm, and we def think Kaling’s up for the task.

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