Mindy Kaling might be on maternity leave, but that’s not slowing her down one bit with her new NBC show

Mindy Kaling is nothing short of a total force in the entertainment industry today. She has two successful TV shows under her belt, and soon, a brand new movie with our future president, Oprah. Insert many exclamation points, because, Oprah. But Oprah can take a back seat for now, because we’re all about Mindy Kaling, who also happens to be a brand new mom — and that’s not stopping her Hollywood domination for a second.

Kaling, who gave birth to her first child this past December, has a slew of on screen and off screen credits, and with NBC’s upcoming Champions, she’s about to add another to her ever-growing list. The show is about a former high school baseball star, Vince, who has moved back to Brooklyn and is living with his younger brother. While taking over the family gym, Vince (Anders Holm, a former Mindy Project love interest) gets an unexpected surprise. Vince’s high school fling, Priya (played by Kaling!!), turns up on his doorstep with their 15-year-old son Michael. Between Vince, Priya, Michael, and Vince’s brother Matthew, it’s a show about family, parenthood, and the curve balls life throws us.

While talking at the TCA winter press tour, Champions executive producer Charlie Grandy noted that Kaling was, unfortunately, not present, because #BABY. But that hasn’t stopped her from still working non-stop, because if there’s anyone who can do it all, it’s Kaling.

"[Mindy] was breaking stories before the baby was born and continues to comment and give notes on every cut, Grandy explained to the crowd. “It doesn’t feel like she’s been [on maternity leave].

As for Kaling’s character on the show, while she’s only recurring, Grandy mentioned that, she’s in “four or five episodes. She has a big part toward the end of the first season.”

A big part towards the end of the first season that might bring Kaling back to our television sets full time?? Let’s hope. 2018 is beginning to look like Mindy Kaling’s year, and we were born ready for this.

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