Mindy Kaling tweeted a list of topics she wants Michael Scott to talk about, making us wish for an “Office” reunion ASAP

As though we haven’t had enough reasons to physically need a revival of The Office, now we’ve got Mindy Kaling twisting the knife.

This morning, she tweeted a list of things she wants to write Michael Scott’s take on.



On one hand, we’ve got MINDY KALING, hilarious comedy goddess, tweeting about The Office which we love and miss more than Jim would miss Pam if they were forced to ever spend too much time apart (note: do NOT DO THIS, world).

On the other hand, The Office is over. So no matter how badly we want these things, we can’t have them.


Kaling’s followers chimed in with many other ideas for things they’d like to see Michael Scott discuss, but one in particular pointed out that the subject on the top of OUR list has actually already been covered.

From your lips, Michael Scott, to the voters ears. “He just makes people sad.”

But, dear readers, maybe there’s hope! Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, chimed in, saying exactly what we’re all thinking.

We might be getting greedy, but now we not only need a reunion of The Office, but it needs to be written by Mindy Kaling — who already has MULTIPLE Emmy noms for her work writing on The Office. Make this happen. Take notes, TV gods.

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