LOL, Someone Tried to Shade Mindy Kaling, and Her Clapback Was Perfect

She'll pull out her impressive résumé to prove you wrong.

Mindy Kaling is in the midst of an exciting new role and she’s not about to let anyone get her down. On Wednesday, Warner Bros. announced that Kaling will be voicing Velma Dinkley, the severely underappreciated brains behind the Mystery Inc. gang, in an upcoming Scooby-Doo prequel. The Office and The Mindy Project star will also be executive producing the series, simply titled Velma, and many were excited to learn that Kaling would be embodying the iconic orange-turtleneck-clad character.

In fact, so many people responded with enthusiasm, that Kaling herself seemed to be taken aback. “Jinkies what a nice response!” she wrote, already in character.

But of course, Twitter isn’t just a place for well wishes and positivity, and one person was in clear opposition to the news of Kaling’s new role. In a since deleted tweet, one Twitter user responded to the series announcement with the words, “Starring Mindy Kaling?” and included the below GIF from The Office.

This person should’ve thought twice before trying to use Kaling’s own work against her, though, because the clever comedy writer quickly clapped back with the perfect response. “I wrote the episode of The Office this gif is from,” she wrote, using her impressive resumé as the ultimate way to shut down a Twitter troll.

Now, whenever we have the urge to use that popular Office GIF (which is from Season 5 Episode 10, BTW), we’re just going to take a minute to think of Kaling’s immense success and emulate her take-no-shit energy.

We don’t know yet when Velma will be released, but, according to Collider, it’s been given a 10-episode order by HBO Max—and we’ll be cheering Kaling on for every second of it.

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