Mindy Kaling is all of us after a triumphant workout

Mindy Kaling has always been and forever will be our soul sister. We love her amazing self-confidence, her style, her awesome sense of humor, and her mad skills at writing, directing, acting and otherwise dominating the entertainment scene. We basically want to be her when we grow up. TRUTH.


We especially love how real Mindy is when it comes to body image and exercise. I mean, how many times have we felt like this when working out? (Spoiler alert: ALL OF THE TIMES.)


(Stop yelling at her, Danny Castellano! Don’t you know that Mindy is a warrior and her warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thai?!)

Today Mindy Kaling went running, and afterward, she celebrated in the way every single one of us should after a grueling workout: with an Oscar-worthy acceptance speech. Because OF COURSE. Running an actual mile is an accomplishment on par with winning a big award. In an IG post that has us reaching for our yoga pants (for legit exercise purposes rather than, say, Netflix), Mindy thanked everything and everyone who contributed to her ability to finally clock a 9.5 minute mile, from her neighbors to the old blueberry muffin she ate for breakfast and from her running shoes to her own “sense of panic at being out of shape.”

We feel you, Mindy. Oh how we feel you.

Way to go, Mindy! You’re our queen. Always.


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