Mindy Kaling played some insane tricks on BJ Novak during “The Office”

The antics of Ryan and Kelly were some of our favorite parts of NBC’s The Office. During the show’s nine-season run, we watched all kinds of craziness unfold on screen — turns out, however, that these moments were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their relationship. In an interview with the UK’s Guardian on Sunday, BJ Novak, who played Ryan, revealed that co-star and friend Mindy Kaling, who brought life to Kelly Kapoor, was just as mischievous behind the camera as well.


“She would lie to me,” BJ revealed. “She would make up these—just out of nowhere—purposeless lies that I believed.”

This all came out after the actor revealed that he was working on a post for Li.st (an app he created which allows users to list anything and everything they want) titled “Eight Times Mindy Kaling Bullied Me on the Set of The Office.”

For example? “Like saying that Allison Jones, the casting director of The Office, was also an actress who had been the third lead in Cold Mountain,” he explained. “And so I just thought that.”

Or there was that time she kind of jeopardized his professional relationship:

I don’t know about you, but we need to get our hands on this full list, but for now we can add this to the ever-growing pile of reasons working on The Office was probably exactly as fun as it looks.


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