Mindy Kaling has called Stephen Colbert out for being a terrible guest star

On Tuesday, April 12th, The Mindy Project returns to Hulu for the second half of its fourth season, and to promote the comedy’s return, the eponymous lead actress Mindy Kaling went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The 36-year-old writer-actress’ appearance on the CBS late night talk show opened on a sweet and funny note, as you’d imagine all situations involving Mindy Kaling do. In a satirical meet-cute, Colbert and Kaling met while simultaneously reaching for the same piece of celery off of the Kraft’s services table. The scene created an environment ripe for a burgeoning romance worthy of a book to film adaptation. However, the tone got a bit more stern during the comedienne’s interview.

“I did not think you were very professional when you came on my show,” Kaling remarked, in reference to Colbert’s 2015 guest-star appearance as Father Michael O’Donnell, Danny’s Catholic priest.

“I was between gigs,” Colbert responded, in self-defense. “I was between gigs. I was just footloose and fancy-free. I had a beard.”

“I thought you didn’t handle it that well. It was a very somber occasion,” Kaling added.

They played a sizzle of takes in which Colbert, in character as Father O’Donnell, continuously broke character while delivering a eulogy about a fellow Priest. “I know that some of you called him a decrepit bag of bones, or the boring wizard,” he struggled to say without laughing.

After the clip, Colbert blamed Kaling for his unprofessional behavior on her set. “It was your fault. It was your damn script!”

“It was so funny that you couldn’t take it,” Kaling replied, only proving that in Mindy Kaling’s world, she’s gracious and lovable even through a confrontation.

Colbert came back with his own clip, portraying Kaling’s own unprofessionalism. After describing Danny’s (Kaling’s on-screen boyfriend played by Chris Messina) ex-girlfriend as “pear-shaped with small breasts,” Kaling physically leaps on Colbert for the comment, as she thinks he’s actually referencing her figure.

Though that clip was cut from the show, Kaling had a very real intention when casting Colbert as a priest. After addressing Colbert’s Catholic faith, Kaling said she liked the irreverence of casting him as a sinful, lascivious member of his own religious sect.

“I was actually afraid of my own Priest after doing this,” Colbert acknowledged. I have a feeling Colbert’s priest did not hold it against him.

Check out their hilarious argument in full below:

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