Mindy Kaling and her co-star Ed Weeks have a new sitcom about a lesbian couple

Mindy Kaling is about to bless us with more comedy from her brilliant mind, and we’re experiencing an overwhelming amount of gratitude. The Matt and Ben creator will team with her Mindy Project co-star Ed Weeks for a new comedy about a lesbian couple, which has sold to ABC, and hallelujah. Thank you, Comedy Gods.

In the untitled comedy, the couple move back with their son to conservative Kansas. But, they soon learn that their judgements about Midwesterners may have been unfounded. This premise is golden.

The Universal TV project was written by Weeks and Hannah Mackay and Kaling will executive produce along with 3 Arts’ Howard Klein.

Weeks and Mackay sold a lesbian comedy to ABC last year as well. Hey, all you comedy writers: more lesbian comedies, please! And gay comedies, and minority family comedies, and transgender comedies and immigrant comedies…

Any comedy about things other than cis straight man wants his cis straight wife to have more sex with him. YAWN. BARF.

Kaling’s The Mindy Project is currently in its fifth season on Hulu, after being canceled by Fox. If you haven’t yet seen it, you now know what your homework is.

Mindy Kaling is the future.

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