Mindy Kaling getting ready for an award show is truly all of us

Mindy Kaling: hilarious showrunner, 5-time Emmy nominee, proud wearer of spanx.

Kaling posted this on-all-accounts amazing picture of her getting ready for the Costume Awards, where she was a presenter. And since Kaling is a magnificent human being, and more than ready to let us in on some A-list Hollywood secrets, she shared this picture of what it looks like before she gets dressed. Say hello to all her spanx and corset glory.

Also let’s really focus on the fact that Kaling is mid-deodorant swipe. Like, this is an action deodorant picture. Not many are ready and willing to share that with the world, but not many people are as true and honest abut their bodies as Kaling.

The end result of all this prep work is amazing, too, and Kaling totally looked that red 100-emoji underlined twice.

Add this super true Hollywood prep to the long list of reasons we love her oh so much.

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