Mindy Kaling reveals several (kinda scandalous) things you didn’t know about her – but we totally relate

You might not believe it because The Mindy Project creator is so open, but there are five things you don’t know about Mindy Kaling, and some of them will shock you.

The 37-year-old actress is the newest celebrity to join the ranks of La Ligne’s “La Bande,” and her revelations are hilarious and exactly what we’d hope to hear from the comedian who came up with all-things Mindy Lahiri.

La Linge’s “La Bande,” is a group of celebrity women who pick their favorite item from the clothing brand’s collection and style it themselves. Kaling chose the striped tee and paired it with jeans and white heels.

Once they are photographed in the item, the star fills out a Q&A and the results are brilliant. We especially love what we learned about Kaling in her “bad habits” answer.

She has five, or at least five that she is willing to divulge and they are pretty interesting.

"My full name is Vera Mindy Kaling, or V. Mindy Kaling if I ever become a Federal judge," Kaling wrote at the top of her Q&A before sharing more juice about her life.

So what are her five bad habits or vices, you might ask? Well, instead of teasing you, we’ll just tell you exactly what Kaling said, because no on can say it better than her.

"I have so many bad habits. I really do love a drink after work," Kaling revealed in her questionnaire.

"I grind my teeth," she continued. "I'm a little elitist."

"I talk during movies I don't understand," the Inside Out actress admitted. "I get crushes on married men. Okay — that's enough," she concluded.


LOL, Mindy you are our favorite. Everyone gets crushes on married men, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to swoon over both Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling and that would just be unfair.

What do you think of Kaling’s bad habits? What are your bad habits?

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