Mindy Kaling opened up about her new daughter in a rare candid moment

This past December, actress Mindy Kaling gave birth to her first daughter, after initially confirming that she was expecting a few months earlier. These days, she’s making her first big appearances since little Katherine Swati Kaling entered the world to promote her much-anticipated film A Wrinkle In Time (March 9th).

During the film’s premiere in Hollywood this past Monday, February 26th, Kaling joked with Entertainment Tonight about how Katherine figured she’d sit this one out (we’re sure that in a few years, baby Katherine will see her fair share of red carpet events if she chooses). Kaling was quick to chat about Katherine’s best skill thus far, and it’s one that may leave many new moms feeling envious.

"The best thing my baby has been doing lately is sleeping," she said. "She doesn't love doing that, she loves not sleeping, but when she does, it's very fun."

She also gushed about new-mom life.

"I'm busy right now but when I see her and get her to smile first thing in the morning, oh my god. It's the best feeling," she said.

Kaling has kept baby Katherine out of the spotlight thus far, so we love every piece of information she decides to share with us.

While we’re sure that Kaling will always have a project or two (or three) going, we’re glad she’s getting some special time in with her new daughter. Now Mindy…maybe a picture of little Katherine? Pretty please. Okay, we’ll settle for your new show, Champions, which premieres March 8th.