Mindy Kaling had a totally understandable response when Oprah started making margaritas

Honestly, we would probably straight up die if we were ever in the presence of Oprah. And if she made us a mixed drink? We would die, come back to life, and die all over again.

That’s why we’re a little surprised that Mindy Kaling is still standing after Oprah made her a margarita.

Or, as Kaling captioned it on Instagram, an “Oprah-rita.” Well played.

While Mindy Kaling had enough chill to, you know, not totally keel over, she definitely wasn’t too cool to snap an Instagram of the momentous occasion. Because, real talk, who WOULD be?

Not to be outdone, Reese Witherspoon also posted an Insta of Oprah making Oprah-ritas. And, according to Reese, Ms. Winfrey makes the BEST margs. Because of course she does.


So what were Oprah, Mindy, and Reese doing drinking margs on a weekday? As Time reports, the three were on set in New Zealand filming the upcoming book-to-film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. One of their shoot dates happened to fall on National Margarita Day. Well, that is, National AMERICAN Margarita Day. So Oprah decided to bring a little bit of Americana to their kiwi set.

We REALLY hope Oprah said, “And YOU get a margarita, and YOU get a margarita, and YOU get a margarita.” You know, for her super-fans.

It looks like O & Co. have been having a smashing time on set so far, if Instagram is to believed.

It’s not just the margaritas! Check out this snap of Mindy and Reese:

And just O:

Ugh, we absolutely can’t WAIT to see Mindy, Oprah, and Reese play Mrs. Who, Which, and Whatsit respectively. We also kinda hope they did a few takes tipsy off of O’s margs. Not for the actual film, obviously, but for the blooper reel! Every quality film has some silly outtakes, and we kind of hope this one involves Winfrey and her wicked mixology stylings.