So it turns out Mindy Kaling was totally psychic about Aziz Ansari’s show in her book

If the whole TV-showrunner/beautiful-actress thing doesn’t work out for Mindy Kaling in the end, she has her backup career already line up: psychic. And can’t you just see her sitting in a dimly-lit room, covered in blankets, with Glade candles everywhere (Kaling would complain about the smell of incense after a while, so she’d stick with Glade candles), and at least three bead-curtains, as all psychics are depicted in pop culture? She’d go all-out to fit this known trope, and if all else fails, she could in the future. You see, Kaling correctly predicted Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show, Master of None. She even got the part about the bouncy house right.

Kaling’s second book, Why Not Me?, was released earlier this year, so by now you should have read it three or four times. Master of None was released about a month ago, so you should have finished your binge by now. But you probably didn’t realize Kaling describes the pilot episode of Master of None in her book, well before it ever hit the streaming site.

Comedian and YouTuber Akilah Hughes discovered this startling spot-on moment, and Tweeted it out. It’s like Mindy Kaling has got ESPN or something.

For the record, Kaling and Ansari are good friends, and this is in no way meant as a knock against him, or his new show. This chapter of Why Not Me? is titled “Coming This Fall” and details common plots/themes/characters that TV shows seem to be all about right now. One of them simply happens to be strikingly similar to the pilot of Masters of None. And she predicts the bouncy house, you guys. Not just anyone can do that.

Kaling has yet to own up to her psychic abilities, but give it time. She will.

(Image via Twitter.)

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