Mindy Kaling’s commentary while playing “Who’d You Rather” is why this game was invented

Get ready to laugh people, because Mindy Kaling playing “Who’d You Rather?” is a non-stop giggle fest.

On Wednesday, Kaling stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and of course, host Ellen DeGeneres had to talk about her love life. After calling the Ocean’s Eight actress, “very single,” the game began.

In typical Kaling fashion, all of her responses and commentary on the hot men on screen were SO funny.

The first pairing…Drake or Jake Gyllenhaal, or as DeGeneres phrased it, “Drake or Jake?”

Kaling decided on Drake without any real hesitation. When the rapper was up against Bradley Cooper, however, things got interesting.

“Drake or B.Coops? Ah, look at those eyes,” The Mindy Project creator said. “I think you can’t go wrong with Bradley Cooper in any kind of way,” Kaling added.

Cooper made it through another round, after being pitted against Hugh Grant. He lost when the young Michael B. Jordan entered the ring.

“You know why I like Michael B. Jordan? He’s younger than me,” the 37-year-old actress said. “He makes me youthful. It’s like the fountain of youth.”

Michael B. even beat out the always hunky, Brad Pitt.

“Classic, and in the Ocean’s franchise,” Kaling said thinking about taking Pitt for a hot second. “So, he must think about me all the time. I gotta say he has more baggage than Michael B. Jordan.”

DeGeneres agreed, pointing out that Pitt does have a LOT of kids, but that’s not what deterred Kaling. “[Kids are] good baggage,” she explained.

"The ex is really pretty. You know, Angelina dropping off the kids, how am I going to compete with that?" she asked. "She drops them off in sweats, I'm in an Oscar gown, we can't compete."

So, Jordan beat out Cooper, Pitt and later Scott Eastwood, who Kaling considered for his name. “Oh, he’s from a dynasty,” she said noting he’s Clint Eastwood’s son. He also beat Jared Leto, who was a “little too unconventional” for the actress.

The only man to beat the Fantastic Four actor was Dev Patel. Since Kaling tweeted about Patel and his adorable mother at the Oscars, we’re not that surprised at her final decision.

“I mean, did you see him this year at the Oscars? I’m sorry, bye Michael B. Jordan. Hello, Dev Patel!” she said about the Lion actor. “Do I get Dev Patel?” she asked laughing.

Seriously, does she get Dev Patel? We would SO love Mindy and Dev together!

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