One of Mindy Kaling’s BFFs just got her the most hilarious present YEARS in the making

Finding the perfect gift to give can be hard at the holidays (whispers: especially if you only start shopping like, four days before Christmas). If you want to snag that ? item for your loved ones, you’ve got to start early. And in the case of one of Mindy Kaling’s best friends, you’ve got to start planning out Mindy’s *perfect* present YEARS in advance.

If you follow Mindy on Instagram, the name Sonia Kharkar might sound very familiar. She’s Mindy’s assistant-turned-writer’s-assistant for The Mindy Project, and also just happens to be one of Mindy’s nearest and dearest. Seriously, these two are always posting silly pictures together on Instagram.

For the last few years, it appears as Sonia has actually been taking silly pictures of Mindy — specifically, Mindy eating.

“For years Sonia has been taking photos of me when I’m eating and I would always ask her why the hell she was doing that,” Mindy writes in her Instagram caption. “Yesterday she gave me these six dessert plates printed with photos of me shoving food in my face. It’s the funniest gift I’ve ever gotten.”

You know, because who DOESN’T want to eat a fancy desserts off a plate with their face on it…a face that is mid-bite into a fancy dessert? SO META. SO PERFECT.

So, now we know what Sonia managed to rustle up for Mindy for the holidays, what is Mindy getting Sonia?? Is there even a way to top dessert-plates-with-your-face? Probably not. Hope Minday realizes that her present bar has just been set super high.

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